Tai Hing Foundation

Established in 2016, Tai Hing Foundation is committed to support and provide financial assistance to the needy & underpriviledged.

The Foundation principally focuses on the following aspects,
  • Initiatives, projects, Charitable Funds or Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) that advance and improve the well-being of the needy and underprivileged.

  • Initiatives that contribute towards the advancement of education, including but not limited to grants, financial assistance and scholarships.
How it works?

For every shredding job or recycle program that you do with us, depending on the billing terms, a certain amount of money will be topped up separately by Tai Hing, for the purpose of this Foundation.

The Committee of the Foundation will, from time to time, decide the targeted sum and deserving entity(ies). As soon as the Foundation reaches targeted sum, the earmarked fund will be disbursed to the deserving entity(ies) accordingly.

All funds in the Foundation will be managed in a bank account created solely for this purpose. Bank statements will be published every month.
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19 DEC 2016

31 DEC 2016

Establish of Tai Hing Foundation.
Bank statement - Dec 2016. 
(To be announced)