Keep your valuable resources focused on your core business. Leave the shredding to the expert.
Ever since the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) came in full effect back in 2014, corporations, institutions, even all statutory boards have been more cautious than ever in the handling of sensitive & security information.
Your typical cross-cut office shredder shreds 15-20kg of documents every hour. Imagine the time and all other resources you need putting together just to get things done.
Our industrial size shredder shreds 50 times faster in DIN 66399 Level P-5. Entire shredding process is ISO9001:2008 accredited and properly documented. Now you can sit back, focus on your business!


  1. Shredder
    Industrial size shredder.
  2. Witnessing Area
    Witnessing Area
    Cozy & safe witnessing area.
  3. DIN-66399 Level P-4
    DIN-66399 Level P-4
    DIN-66399 Level P-4. ≤ 160 mm2
  4. DIN-66399 Level P-5
    DIN-66399 Level P-5
    DIN-66399 Level P-5. ≤ 30 mm2


  1. Wheelie Bin
    Wheelie Bin
    Wheelie Bin 80L (48x56x76) cm 120L (48x56x89) cm 240L (58x74x102) cm Works with pad lock or bar- coded seal.
  2. Carton Box
    Carton Box
    Carton Box (42x34x28) cm & (55x34x40) cm Seal with unique ID number can be provided.
  3. Gunny Sack
    Gunny Sack
    Secure Gunny Sack (71x71x117) cm Seal with unique ID number can be provided.
  4. Security Seals
    Security Seals
    Seal with unique bar code. Provide better security & traceability.
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